A.H came to see me because of difficulties in his relationship. Early issues of abandonment by a parent made it hard for him to trust that significant others would not also leave him. Through developing a relationship with me in therapy and understanding how he replayed certain behaviours in order to unconsciously repeat his early traumas, he was able to regain control of his life and eventually to marry. He had to learn to allow a new experience to occur which challenged his preconceptions about people and his compulsion to repeat the past. Here is what he said about his experience of therapy with me:

"Though I found therapy hard and challenging at times, I have become a calmer and saner human being with more insight and more trust. I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am and how much you have helped me." (A.H)

M.D came to see me because she was struggling with a lack of confidence at work and in her relationships with friends. She began to understand that early experiences of bullying had damaged her self esteem and contributed to behaviours and attitudes which sometimes evoked a repeat experience in her present day life. By exploring her past hurts and her difficulty in thinking about herself as somebody who could fit in and who could be likeable, she was able to create healthier relationships in her life and move away from abusive situations into healthier ones.

"I experienced bullying from an early age which shattered my confidence and made me feel as if I had lost my voice. Through my therapy with David I learnt how to manage my emotions and build my self confidence. I now feel more balanced and much happier in life. Choosing David as my therapist was the best decision I ever made." ( M.D)

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